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Gimhanaye: a rock song from Sanjaya Alles

4 April, 2021

As music touches our souls with many shades, taking charge of the way we feel and vibe, it also makes us dive deep into different dimensions of life and love.

Sanjaya Alles, a singer from Sri Lanka, after singing for nearly three decades is getting ready to come up with his debut single ‘Gimhaanaye’. Sanjaya says this is surely going to be the first page of a new chapter in his life. Sanjaya’s journey in music runs back to 1989 when he first started to make use of his talent with his friends: Derik, Aruna and Benji.

In 1995, Sanjaya and his friends moved to Germany. During this time these friends get to tour in several countries: Austria, Holland, Switzerland to play and sing together. In 1997, Sanjaya and his fellows formed their own band called ‘Backstage’. The band starts getting on stage at night clubs, concerts and weddings.

Sanjaya’s ‘Gimhaanaye’ is a Sinhala rock song written and composed by Nisha Peiris. The song bears the theme of unrequited love and the video stars Luliana Daba. It will be released by the middle of this month.

The team behind the project:

Drums – Jason Moser (South Africa)

Bass – Ludwig Bouwer (South Africa)

Keyboards – Kasun Manula (Sri Lanka)

Guitars – Nisha Peiris

Mixed and mastered by – Ludwig Bouwer (One big room studios South Africa)

Produced by – Nisha Peiris (Flying Notes Production)

Recorded by – Pio De Silva at Techwave Studio, Switzerland

Video produced and directed by – Kee Schaedler

Starring – Luliana Daba