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Mario’s ‘Living on Edge’ to re-kindle the youth

4 April, 2021

On December 29, 2010 one of the most renowned singers Gratien Ananda whose vibrant voice had adorned thousands of Sinhala films departed from our midst at the age of 53. But fortunately his heart-throbing voice which had won our hearts still lingers thanks to his beloved son, young artiste, Mario Ananda. Moreover, the most exciting news for the fans of Mario Ananda is the fact that he is going to rock the You-Tube arena with his new vibrant song Living on edge . His maiden You Tube channel called Mario Ananda You Tube Channel will be launched on April 6 2021.

Living on edge:

Speaking of the song Living on edge he has said that this song will fuel the enthusiasm of any sportsman to keep records in any sport or to break the world records or at least to inspire them to go for the big break. However, he said that everything is possible as long as one does not stop believing in oneself. Further, Mario Ananda being a philanthropist, has dedicated his entire life and time to pave the way for young talented children to come up with their inborn skills.

The most important point that Mario considered in doing this visual on his own was the identification of under 15 champions and record holders in Sri Lanka excelling in any kind of sport, mainly because he wanted to feature the talented youth in his visual song with him so that the country would focus attention on them. For example, even a poor sportsman would get a chance to establish his own identity via this song as some of them would run or swim together with him. In Mario Ananda’s endeavour to build a generation of sportmen and women through his spirit of creativity , he had found a boy named Hathim aged 10 who is a national record holder for the butterfly stroke. But after he had found out that another young talented child named Clark Kent had broken Micheal Phelps’ record for butterfly stroke, he began to believe that Hathim also would be able to break even Clark Kent’s record one day. Moreover , Mario Ananda as a far sighted artiste , realises that Hathim is just one child but there must be many talented children of his age. Therefore , his main purpose is none other than bringing those talented children who are under 15 champions at their sports to the international arena by doing his visual song in all three languages Sinhala , English and Tamil without confining the young talented kids to cricket or another sport which is commonly done for the sake of trend setting. The concept of Singing on edge which is the brain child of Mario Ananda had been developed by both Mario and his sister Dulanjali Ananda for three years. Mario Ananda referring to his song , said that the song is boundless as he had injected his ‘heart and soul’ into it. He said that if those at the helm of the country join hands with the concept , it will not be a dream to build a healthy and energetic generation of sports men and women. In addition , Mario Ananda being an ideal artiste for modern society , has been training himself under professional trainers for the last few years to get ready for the visual in certain sports such as swimming, running, kick boxing, cricket, basketball and several other sports. Therefore, any sportsman or upcoming sportsman would grasp the idea of the song when they see that the artiste himself who sings the song is aware of the arduous training sessions. According to Mario Ananda , It’s a point proven by Amir Khan with his international box office movie titled Dangle in which every person felt the pain of a wrestler because Amir Khan had gone through what it takes to be a world champion. Undoubtedly, it had become the focal point on which everyone in India had embraced the movie which had been listed among the top five real life stories/ movies like the Titanic.

As a sensitive hearted artist

Being a vegetarian and virtuous artiste who is free from alcohol, smoking and drugs ,Mario had emerged with a pure vision of society in order to uplift the sports of the country two years back. Moreover , Mario Ananda as a sensitive artiste and social activist has raised his voice to eradicate social evils such as drugs alcoholism smoking, suicide, child labour and child abuse. From Mario Ananda’s standpoint,the most essential require ments to be an artiste or an athlete are not drugs or any sort of stimulant but the inner skills and the self dedication. At present, he is affiliated with projects conducted by ILO, Sri Lanka United Nations Friendship Association and Paralympics Sri Lanka to provide training in basketball for the differently-abled children and the Youth Temperance Organisation of Sri Lanka. According to Mario , sports can re-kindle any child to overcome their tragic life styles and bloom like fresh flowers. Anyone , by focusing on any kind of sport , has the possibility to build personality, mindfulness and good health which are most crucial for anyone at any age to achieve any goal in life. In addition, he said that there prevails a vacuum in Sri Lankan sports mainly because we still have different kinds of sports untouched by anyone. From his capacities and capabilities it is evident that this well known singer Mario Ananda has sacrificed his entire life to render a brilliant service to the country. Needless to say that everyone in the country regardless of religion has listened to his songs. Other than his career as a singer, he has visited many schools to fuel the inner energy of the students to continue with any sport. When speaking of his invaluable contribution to brighten the sports world of Sri Lanka through his song , Mario Ananda wants to engrave the vision of young talented children into the hearts of the viewers by featuring them in his visual song. Moreover , Mario Ananda , giving credit to those who stand by his side throughout his endeavour to light up the talented kids’ world in the country , remembered with much love his beloved sister Dulanjali Ananda a news anchor at Channel Eye, Rupavahini Corporation who directed the visual, director of photography Nevinda Jayasena,. Bagawathsing Nithyanandan who wrote the Tamil version of the song , make up artise, Yogeetha Rathnayake and recording engineer Gayan C Bentharage. Finally, the message that Mario Ananda conveys like a brother to millions of brothers in the country from the song was that “ we are currently living in the era of winners, if you are skilled and if you are committed it’s time to win. By handing over a baton as a singer who’s running on the track to a 15 year old youngster would touch the hearts of millions of children both local and international. It means we ran the gap for you to win. To win you must join, and to become a legend you must try and work hard.” We can hope that the day on which Sri Lankan multi talented youth flourishes and prospers in sports is not far away.