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Parana Avuruddha traditions

11 April, 2021

The Old Year or Parana Avuruddha has several traditions too. Bathing for the Parana Avuruddha and Kunu Muththa Pideema are two important rituals.

To worship the Kunu Muththa the house wife must collect all the dirt gathered in a corner of the kitchen into a kulla (winnowing fan) which is old and due to be discarded. Ash from the fire place too is added. One of each sweet meat prepared for the New Year and a chew of betel too must be added.

In the evening the house wife must discard all this into a wooded place where no one will tread. She will then say “on may wangiye ape lipbokka Kunu muththata barai" meaning this year our kitchen is in your (Kunu muttha’s care). Then on the way home she must wash herself from a waterway and then come and inform the family that she had worshipped Kunu muththa. This ritual must be performed by the lady of the house and no one else.