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11 April, 2021

Deegadanthu Eka returns from the dead

KALAWEWA: A tusker known as ‘Deegadanthu Eka’ who was believed to have been killed in an elephant battle in the Kalawewa Reserve some two years ago was recently spotted very much alive.

The tusker was sighted repeatedly this week in the Kalawewa Reserve prompting Wildlife experts to roll back their earlier decision they took some two years ago.

Now it believed that the dead elephant found some two years ago was that of another tusker known as Deegadanthu Deka.

Both tuskers were famous in the reserve for their unusual long tusks so much so that they earned their respective names.


Father’s wrath ends in bloody tragedy

GALAWELLA: An enraged 41-year-old man is alleged to have stabbed his young niece to death after the victim had supported a love affair between the suspect’s under-aged daughter and an older man.

According to reports-the father was a single parent after his wife died when his daughter was only a toddler. Thereafter he had placed his daughter at an orphanage.

Days prior to the incident his daughter had arrived from the orphanage for the oncoming festive season and the father made arrangements to leave her at his sister’s home.

It is here that his niece is alleged to have brokered a love affair between her cousin and an older man despite several warnings and advice to his niece to drop the matter.

So on this fateful Monday morning the father is alleged to have stormed a bookshop in which his niece was employed and repeatedly stabbed her to death before turning over to the police.


Gambling den-Chinese only

BAMBALAPITIYA: Five Chinese, including a woman were rounded up after police busted an illegal gambling centre at a plush private residence in Lauries Road Bambalapitiya this week.

More than Rs. 1 million in cash and 2,600 Yuan Chinese currency was also recovered during the raid that took place during the late hours of the night.

The all-Chinese gambling den in believed to have been in operation for a considerable period of time and was patronized exclusively by Chinese nationals police have found out.

It was subsequently found out that the suspects had landed into the country on visit visas.

The raid was carried out by a joint team of police officers from the Bambalapitiya and Kollupitiya police stations.


CI swallows currency bills to avoid arrest

WELIWERIYA: A Chief Inspector (CI) of Police is alleged to have torn up and later swallowed two Rs. 5,000 currency notes in a bid to evade arrest as bribery officials closed on him.

The Officer attached to the Minor Offence Branch at the Weliweriya Police is alleged to have demanded Rs. 10,000 as a bribe from a truck driver who had been booked on a traffic offence.

The CI had later allegedly swallowed the money on spotting the sleuths from the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption (CIABOC) a Magistrate was told.

The Magistrate then went on to remand the suspect until his medical reports are made available to the Commission.


Three held for coir mill worker’s death

MUNDALAMA: Three suspects including a woman are alleged to have beaten a man to death and later hanged the limp body onto a wooden rafter in the roof to portray a suicide in a bid to mislead police.

This case was reported from a village in Mundalama in the Chilaw Police Division this week.

The incident allegedly took place after dusk when the mistress of the dead man along with her brother and a female member of the extended family had alleged pounced on the man who had been highly intoxicated at that time.

The actual reason for the killing was not clear but initial investigations have revealed that there had been a festering dispute between the victim and his mistress.

The victim-an employee in a coir mill situated nearby and is also known to be married on two earlier occasions.


Officer bitten in dog fury

MINUWANGODA: An irate man is alleged to have set his dog upon two policemen who had arrived at his home to inquire into a complaint that had been made against him.

The man was apparently not in a mood to be interviewed by the two policemen and therefore had opted to set his pet canine on the two officers.

The two police officers had bolted but not before one of them sustained vicious bites on his legs while the man was subsequently arrested and ordered to be remanded by a local Magistrate.

The incident was reported from a location in Nilpanagoda in Minuwangoda.