“Using LG Inverter A/C costs less than a cup of tea per night” | Sunday Observer

“Using LG Inverter A/C costs less than a cup of tea per night”

18 April, 2021

Using a LG Dual Cool Inverter Air Conditioner in your home will cost you lower than the price of a cup of tea per night’s sleep. Due to the high efficiency of the Dual Cool technology, energy loss is minimized to offer up to 70% savings on electricity.

The Dual Cool technology features dual rotary compressors that adjust cooling by automatically controllingthe compressor speed. This provides faster cooling up to 40% until the required temperature is reached, and maintained with minimal fluctuation. The 4-in-1 Active Energy Control technology uses a simple four-click operation on your remote, where you can adjust the cooling according to the number of people and activity level in the room.

LG Inverter Air Conditioners use R32 refrigerant gasthat has a lower global warming value and amazingly low impact on the environment.Built with an organic compound to allow better heat dissipation,R32 refrigerant provides powerful cooling and high efficiency for the air conditioner. These ACs offer the world’s only Ocean Black Protection – a special coating applied to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It provides exceptionaldurability against typical Sri Lankan conditions of sand, salt, smoke and pollutants, in order to reduce corroding of theAC’s critical parts.

The unique LG ThinQ app allows you to easily monitor and control your LG AC from your home or car at any time. Download the app onto your smartphone and the in-built Wi-Fi technology in the AC lets you change temperatures, switch on or switch off the AC and do more, all with a simple tap.

A LG Inverter Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for your home, especially in this hot weather. Featuring trusted and pioneering Korean technology, this is the AC that you should invest in, as the market leader in the Sri Lankan air conditioner industry. LG Dual Cool Inverter Air Conditionersare available exclusively at Abans showrooms island wide and BuyAbans.com.