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SLMFIA welcomes ban on scrap metal export

18 April, 2021

The SLMFIA in a media release has thanked the Minister of Industries, Wimal Weerawansa for banning the export of scrap metal.

It is a fact that when steel is shaped, it emits sparks of fire. As a practice where scrap metal, an essential raw material for the manufacture of metal, was sold to other countries, the Ministry of Industries had to make a strong decision to turn things around.

By halting the export of this much needed raw material, it was made available to our own metal manufacturers, thereby boosting the industry in our own country.

This momentous step was taken by the Ministry of Industries.As a result of this bold initiative, the capacity of our metal industry has increased tremendously. New avenues of metal-related manufacture are being explored.Job opportunities have opened up for our youth.

“For this we cannot thank you enough. Sri Lanka’s metal manufacturers appreciate you, applaud you and salute you,” the release further stated.