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Comedy gold; the other guys

18 April, 2021

Hollywood has gifted the world with countless comedic movies but real comedies that make you laugh out loud despite where you are hard to come by. Over the years I have seen hundreds yet found most being lukewarm comedies. Among some of the best is a movie that I must mention, often referred by some fans as underrated, as it was not much known outside the US. It must be highlighted that ‘The Other Guys’ is a critically praised movie, which managed even to defeat the famous DiCaprio movie ‘Inception’ in its first weekend earnings when released in August 2010, reaching Box Office top and ultimately earning good reviews from critics and 170 million dollars earnings.

The film has a great ensemble of famous Hollywood actors with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell in the lead roles as buddy cops along with 1989 Batman Michael Keaton as their Captain, and beautiful Eva Mendes, noted British actors Steve Coogan, Ray Stevenson, famed black actor Samuel L. Jackson and many other famous supporting actors in other roles. While most Sri Lankans might not be familiar with Mark Wahlberg or Will Ferrell, they will be delighted to hear that an actor they know well, ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson also stars in the movie as an adrenaline charged cocky detective with Samuel L. Jackson.

From the beginning till the end, this movie has such witty humour, and hilarious action sequences that keep the audience truly entertained.

The opening scene of the movie is a car chase along the busy streets of New York by the two most famous detectives of New York City Police, Johnson (The Rock) and Jackson who often create mayhem and millions of dollars damage along the way chasing criminals. Later, the two were killed during duty when they idiotically jumped from a building, excited and adrenaline charged with the fame and excitement they get from their daily tasks as the most famous detectives in the city.

The two main characters, Wahlberg and Ferrell are sidelined characters at the Police station, limited to desk jobs and forced to watch the above two idiots on media and flashing egos each day at work.

My favorite comedic moment of the movie is the silent fight that takes place between the cops at the funeral, which is also one of the comedy Golds according to millions of fans around the world. ‘Next time, you me at the library’ became a catchy phrase after the movie’s success. One needs to watch the movie to realise that it is an absolute comedy gold with such talented actors and a finely directed and edited story. Although the movie contains some adult themed jokes, it is decent and highly recommended for Sri Lanka’s Hollywood comedy lovers.