Govt to reimpose restrictions on overseas arrivals | Sunday Observer
Spike in Covid-19 cases

Govt to reimpose restrictions on overseas arrivals

18 April, 2021

The government is expected to reimpose certain international entry restrictions owing to the spike in Covid-19 positive cases among overseas arrivals in the past few days.

Chief Epidemiologist Dr. Sudath Samaraweera said some countries have already suspended arrivals from overseas as third and fourth waves of the pandemic have begun to hit those countries.

According to official statistics, 78 people who arrived in Colombo from abroad on Friday (April 16) were tested positive.

Some restrictions will have to be re-imposed to maintain the progress Sri Lanka had made recently in controlling the spread of the virus, Dr. Samaraweera said.

Sri Lanka has registered 52,710 coronavirus infections and over 600 deaths related to the pandemic so far.