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18 April, 2021

Dog's mouth blown to bits

An irate man is alleged to have killed his neighbour's pet dog using a cruel method known as the Hakka Pattas or in English (Jaw Breaker).

This incident was reported from a village in Kekirawa earlier this week.

The man later confessed to police that the explosive device was meant for wild animals and that there was no intention to kill the dog that was named 'Brighty'.

However, the pet's owner damned this claim saying that his premises is surrounded by a high wall and access into his compound by wild animals was zero.

Having said that the owner was hoping that some law would be enacted at the earliest to punish those responsible for cruelty to animals.


Businessman taken to the cleaners

A businessman who sought to get richer the easy way but ended up losing Rs. 800,000 to a confidence trickster.

The suspect who played the role of a 'holy man' persuaded the businessman to participate in a 'Bahirava Pooja' (or an offering to deities) saying that his investment could be doubled.

The businessman agreed and the 'Bahirava pooja' was held in an abandoned house at a location in Chilaw.

As the pooja was in progress the suspect slipped into a fake trance and began yelling at the businessman that he had infuriated the Gods since he had secretly consumed meat.

The businessman was ordered to leave the place at once and return after a bath, but prior to that he was told to leave the cash at a make-shift alter.

The businessman complied without complaining and returned a short while later only to find that the ‘holy man’ had vanished along with the money.

The police were subsequently informed and the suspect was tracked down to a safe house at Uswetikeyawa and later remanded by a local Magistrate.


Cop and brother held for assault

A policeman and his younger brother were arrested after the pair is alleged to have assaulted a neighbour and his 12-year-old son.

The alleged incident took place at a village in Hakmana in the Deep South following a festering dispute between the two groups.

The suspect policeman who is attached to a special unit in the Metropolis was on vacation at the time of the incident.

The policeman was arrested along with his brother after the victims had sought treatment at the Tangalle Hospital.


Policeman assaulted in road-rage incident

A motorist on the Southern Expressway is alleged to have assaulted a traffic policeman because the officer had requested him to strap on his seat belt.

The alleged incident took place at the Kurundugaha Hathapama Interchange.

The suspect motorist was arrested on the spot.

The incident prompted a senior police official to say that motorists were being told to wear the seat belt, simply because it is required according to the law and also for one's own safety.

He said that some 14 policemen have been killed in the line of duty owing to road accidents during the past three months.


Facebook romance ends in disaster

It is said that social media breeds both the good and bad and in some cases it leads to disastrous results as a 13-year-old girl found out this week.

The girl had fallen in love with a stranger several years older that her during facebook chats and before long the man was able to convince the minor to meet him in the city. So the girl lied to her parents and boarded a bus for Colombo where she met her lover and the pair booked in at a lodge in down-town Negombo.

The man is later alleged to have molested the girl before dumping her at the Central Bus Stand in Pettah and then vanished.

The police are now hunting for the man after the girl's family lodged a complaint with the local police in Galle.


PS chairman nabbed with stolen water meters

The Chairman of the Deraniyagala Pradeshiya Sabha was arrested over the alleged theft of 98 water meters, police said.

The police had begun investigations after an engineer with the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) had complained that 477 water meters had gone missing. Following the complaint, a driver and a clerk were taken into custody and this led to the arrest of the PS Chairman. The water meters were found stashed inside the residence of the PS chairman.