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Rata Purama LankaQR

BOC hosts LankaQR program in Matara

25 April, 2021

BOC conducted a LankaQR program on April 3, supporting the Matara-leg of CBSL’s ‘Rata Purama LankaQR’ campaign which was kicked off with an event on the same day.

A country-wide promotion campaign commenced last year to introduce LankaQR as the norm for mobile phone and digital payments, CBSL’s ‘Rata Purama LankaQR’ initiative has made steady progress in furthering the cause of a cashless, digital-based society alongside improved financial inclusion in Sri Lanka.

Hosted at St.Mary’s Convent, Matara, BOC’s ‘Matara QR’ event drew the participation of representatives from leading financial institutions associated with the LankaQR initiative, together with BOC officials including DGM Sales and Channel Management, Mr. Priyal Silva, AGM Southern Province, Ajith Karunarathne, and AGM Digital Products Promotion, Ms. K.P. Mallika.The BOC’s ‘Matara QR’ effort, as with previous ‘Rata Purama LankaQR’ support initiatives held by BOC in Colombo, Galle, and Kandy, focused on progressing the CBSL program’s vision of introducing and promoting digital transactions as the new standard countrywide.

Developed by CBSL, LankaQR is a common Quick Response (QR) code standard, and widely adopted by the country’s leading banks and financial institutions following the CBSL-issued national directive last year, it will allow them to offer their customers quick, safe and low-cost digital payments to merchants and service providers, using digital payment apps and platforms.

The improved payment conveniences facilitated through QR-based digital payments will enable a range of benefits to individual customers and businesses as well.