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DPMC launches Bajaj spare parts promotion

25 April, 2021

A raffle draw titled ‘Parts Dala Dinanna - Bajaj Genuine Parts Cash Back’ for Bajaj genuine spare parts customers was launched by David Pieris Motor Company (Private) Limited (DPMC), recently. The raffle draw will be active from 22nd March to 31st May 2021. Customers who purchase Bajaj Genuine Parts for the value of Rs. 2,500 or more from DPMC Spare Parts Outlets and its dealers are eligible for this draw.

To enter the draw, customers are required to WhatsApp a picture of the bill to 0765111211 along with their name, address and ID number.

Fifteen winners will be drawn weekly and will have their bills reimbursed up to Rs. 15,000/= each.

All customers who qualify for the weekly draw will be eligible for the grand draw too, which will be held in June. The cash prizes of Rs. 500,000, Rs. 250,000 and Rs. 100,000 will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners of the grand draw.

Bajaj genuine spare parts can be identified easily through the Baby Elephant symbol and DPMC hologram sticker on the spare parts package which assures customers of its genuineness.

Customers can confirm the authenticity of the spare parts by scratching the bottom of the hologram sticker and texting the number that appears.

DPMC ensures availability of genuine spare parts for all Bajaj vehicles through its spare parts & accessories outlets and dealer network islandwide. More information on ‘Parts Dala Dinanna - Bajaj Genuine Parts Cash Back’ raffle draw could be obtained from 0114700600.