StrEdge Group launches solutions to mitigate Covid-induced challenges | Sunday Observer

StrEdge Group launches solutions to mitigate Covid-induced challenges

25 April, 2021

StrEdge Group has introduced several service packages through its companies to mitigate Covid-induced business risks faced by local businesses. 

This includes introduction of new governance models and interventions in bridging gaps in multiple businesses in terms of business strategy, processes, human resources, technology and finance.

Director and CEO of StrEdge Advisory, Sumedha Wijesekera said, “We have taken stock of short, mid and long term strategies which will not only mitigate risks but also ensure sustainable growth of businesses. The approaches also help banks and lending institutions that work with these businesses in terms of use of credit proceeds through proper channels. Our approach has become a risk mitigation tool for both the lender and the borrower.”  

Director, StrEdge Advisory, Janaka Epasinghe said that holistic solutions StrEdge offers from ‘people, process and technology’ perspective are geared to enrich the product and service proposition of diverse businesses. “Especially in the present challenging business environment, managing businesses internally and externally is crucial and as solution providers, even during the most turbulent times as the pandemic hit, we have been able to create results.”

Director, CEO, StrEdge Tech, Udaya Samaradivakara said, “ This user-friendly tool is designed to create visibility on business operations and decision-making for business owners and the management.

The solution also helps strengthen customer relationship management, employee productivity, proper planning and projection- all of which will ultimately lead to continuous sales growth and profits.”