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My Grandma

25 April, 2021

I love you, my Grandma ,
I think you love me too,
Even if I’m horribly bad,
When I fight and tell Amma about you

I am happy I’ve got a Grandma,
I don’t know why we fight,
Even if I fight with my Grandma,
I love her a lot in sight

I get angry with my Grandma,
And I fight with her a lot,
But I love my awesome Grandma,
I just pretend to hate her a lot.

Sometimes she gets very angry,
But the next day she is friendly and wise,
And so, she and I will play everyday
Even if we are cross with each other sometimes.

I’m happy I have you Grandma,
I’m happy God chose you for me,
I will always love you Grandma,
Because I need you always near me.

Suhanya Gamaarachchi
Year 4 A
Horizon College Int.