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The person who inspires me the most

25 April, 2021

The person who inspires me the most is Jayanthi Kuru-Uthumpala. Who is Jayanthi Kuru-uthumpala? She is the first Sri Lankan to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. She is a professional climber.

One day, my mother said she was going for a seminar. Since I had nothing to do I went with her. When we arrived I found that the special guest was Jayanthi Kuru-uthumpala. She spoke about the ups and downs when she climbed the mountain.

Two hours later the seminar ended. Then some people went to meet her and I was one of them. I asked a few questions. At the end she said that if we believe in ourselves and build confidence we can overcome anything. I believed in what she said. I believed myself and moved forward. I hope that I will be a successful person in the future.


Thevidu Bandara

Grade 7 C

VIdura College