Meritorious act by Karuna Trust during Vesak | Sunday Observer

Meritorious act by Karuna Trust during Vesak

25 April, 2021

The Karuna Trust has made arrangements to do 500 cataract surgeries to the needy cataract patients who live in far remote villages. The patients will be from Anuradhapura, Kegalle, Ratnapura, Galle and Hambantota districts.

The surgeries will be done on the Saturdays and Tuesdays in May, the month of Vesak.

Patients who were scheduled for surgery on Saturday the May 1,were re-scheduled for yesterday.

Arrangement have been made for the clergy of any religion, to get their cataract surgeries done under this program. For further details, contact 0702807400.

Of the 500 surgeries, 150 have been allocated for estate workers. There are thousands of estate women who cannot earn their daily living by tea plucking as they are full or semi blind due to cataracts in their eyes. They are a set of innocent people who have been neglected by everyone.

Anyone who wishes to participate in this meritorious activity please contact 0702807400.