Minority political parties seek PR system at PC polls | Sunday Observer

Minority political parties seek PR system at PC polls

25 April, 2021

Political parties representing the minorities have reached a consensus on the need to hold Provincial Council polls under the Proportional Representation system (PR) to ensure a democratically fair representation of the minorities, leader of the Up-country People’s Front (UPF) MP Velusamy Radhakrishnan said.

They held discussions among the three constituents of the Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) – the UPF, National Union of Workers’ (NUW) led by MP Palany Thigamparam and the Democratic People’s Front (DPF) led by MP Mano Ganeshan - and with other political parties representing the minorities of the country, he said. At the discussions, all parties expressed the unanimous view that the minority communities and the political parties representing them will be denied their fair democratic rights if the polls would be held under the mix of Proportional Representation and the First Past the Post System.Discussions will be held with the leaders of all political parties representing the minorities, Radhakrishnan said, adding that their single view will be conveyed to the Government. The concern of the minority political parties will also be brought to the notice of the Government of India, Radhakkrishnan said.