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Sri Lanka badminton denies standards have declined

25 April, 2021

Sri Lanka Badminton has denied they did anything that paved the way for a decline in the standards of the sport.

Their reaction comes in response to a report published on the Sunday Observer of April 4 under the headline ‘Badminton still struggling to hold elections.’

However their reply does not refer to the elections that they have not held but only stresses on the development work they are carrying out.

“If you have had the opportunity to read some of the articles that have been published concerning the excellent work that has been done to improve not only the standard of badminton of the junior and senior players, but that of the umpires and technical officials, we are sure your article too may have differed after having confirmed the contents of the said article.

“We at SLB welcome constructive criticism, but would urge you to do so, by following the rules of natural justice,” said the Secretary of Sri Lanka Badminton Mohan Wijesinghe.