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Pelwatte Dairy’s “Recipe Challenge” concludes

2 May, 2021
Panduka Nuwa
Panduka Nuwa

Pelwatte Dairy Industries concluded its seasonal Social Media Challenge titled ‘Pelwatte Aluth Avurudu Recipe Challenge’ bringing the excitement of the season to the homes of customers. The challenge was carried out on Facebook and Instagram and invited customers to share their recipes and photos of the seasonal delicacies made using any of Pelwatte’s wide range of products. The Challenge which ran from April 1-20 recorded over 100 recipes of delicacies, food and drink being made. The winners along with their recipes:

Pelwatte Sheer Pira - A. Nethma Devindi, Pani Pol Kata – M.K. Kahara, Pelwatte Butter Garlic Prawns and Pelwatte Butter Mix Biscuits - Subodha Jayamini Van Dot , Rulang Aluwa, Donuts, Coconut Ice coffee, Kiri Aluwa - Nishanka Anuradhani, Biscuit Pudding, Milk Pudding - M.K. Nuwani Srinani, Soft Butter Cake - W.A.U. Nadeeshani Jayathilaka , Ghee, Honey and Cashew Mixed Rulang Aluwa - Nadeesha Linden, Yogurt Mixed Fruit Dessert - R. Kaushalya, Pelwatte Ghee and Butter mixed Kathurumurunga Pappadam, Pizza Recipe, Milk Toffee and Pelwatte Butter Cake - D.G. Nayana Vishaka, Chocolate Glazed Donuts, Pelwatte Breudher Cake Recipe - K.A. Rangani Srinika. 

All the recipes can be seen in the #pelwattealuthavurudurecipe2021 hashtag.

Sales Manager, Pelwatte Dairy Industries, Panduka Nuwa said, “I am proud to know that Pelwatte products have been used in so many forms; thereby depicting the quality of the product itself. We have opened up the creations, for all Sri Lankans to try the recipes for themselves.”