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Friendship A very precious thing in life

2 May, 2021

Friendship is something that almost everyone has in life but true friendship is hard to find. There are many different types of friends. Not every friend keeps the friendship close to their hearts. A true friend is someone who is as close to you as family. Humans make many friendships among each other but animals also become friends of humans.

The most common human-animal friendship is the one that many humans have with dogs. It is truly a miracle as to how animals can become such good friends with humans and cheer them up so easily when needed.

Having friends in our life boosts our happiness and reduces stress. They also help us cope with problems we face in life such as, failing exams, issues we face with regard to our family and serious illnesses that we may face. They also help us to improve our self confidence and self worth by pushing away all our worries.

Movies, TV shows and books all teach us about friends and the importance of having friends in our life. Books such as Madol Doova by Martin Wickramasinghe and Amba Yahaluwo by T.B. Ilangaratne and movies such as Bridge to Terabithia by Disney express real friendship and the greatness of having real friends in life.

Many great heroes and leaders reached the heights that they have reached in life with the help of their true friends. Friends are generally people we can and should trust. However, sometimes, there are some friends who we cannot trust as they only wish failure upon others. Therefore, choosing friends is very tricky and must be done carefully and wisely.

W.A. Chirathya Jayawardene

Grade 10

Sujatha Vidyalaya,


The value of friends


Friends are like gems. They are genuine and sincere. Sometimes they may be closer to us than our family members. It is difficult to find good friends in life.

Friends are an essential part of life in order to light up our lives. If you find a truly good friend, he or she will give you companionship and make your life meaningful. As the saying goes, “A friend in need is a friend indeed”.


R.M.T. Dhananja Rathnayaka

Grade 11

Ananda Balika Vidyalaya


My best friend

My best friend is Mayumi Nelushika. She is ten years old. She studies at Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya. She is tall and thin and she has short hair. She likes to eat buns and drink faluda. Her mother’s name is Kumudini and her father’s name is Herath. She lives in Narahenpita. Her hobby is collecting stamps and her ambition is to become a lawyer. She is very nice and very beautiful. I love my best friend very much.


Ileesha Adithya

Grade 5

Sujatha Balika Vidyalaya