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The importance of learning English in the modern world

2 May, 2021

 One could argue differently but it is an accepted fact that English is one of the best languages in the world. English has surpassed plenty of language barriers in both the ancient and modern worlds.

Native speakers of English and many other people who use English as their second language to interact with the rest of the world despite racial, religious and lingual differences value the language to its fullest.

It is no secret that as Sri Lankans, we can fulfil our local needs and wants by our mother tongue or the first language. On the contrary, it is impossible to deal with international affairs without the knowledge of English. Hence, every country focuses on improving the English knowledge of their citizens.

Today, getting a job is just a dream if a person does not have a sound knowledge of English. Those who have a good command in English can easily get the job even though it is unfair for professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and experience in the area concerned but unfortunately do not have the fluency in the English language. Therefore, as the future generation we should prepare ourselves for the stiff competition in future job markets by learning English. I believe it is important to learn and improve our English knowledge to adapt and survive in the highly globalised world.

Chathuka D. Vitharana

Grade 10

Asian Grammar School