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My best friends

2 May, 2021

I have many friends but my best friends are my mother, father and my sister. Because when I have any doubts about any lesson they help me. When I feel bored they can make me very active by playing with me and teaching me creative things. When I am ill they will make me well by giving me medicine. My father, mother and sister also cook special dishes.

When cooking my sister will peel the vegetables and I will give all the vegetables and spices needed to cook. My father chops the vegetables and my mother cooks. All of us are interested in gardening. My father will dig the soil and my mother will give some seeds to plant. My sister fill some water in a watering can and I will water the plants. During week days we clean our home and it is enjoyable. I love my best friends my mother, father, and my sister.


J. Jayathaarika

Grade (6c)

Pakkiyam National College, Matale