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The World Food Program - WFP

2 May, 2021


Food is something very essential and we cannot live without it. Can you think of a life without any food to eat? That’s going to be horrible. So, who will help us? For this we have the ‘World Food Program which is the largest humanitarian organisation.

Their objectives are to prevent malnutrition and the scarcity of food which leads to global hunger. They provide the assistance, organise school meals, help in emergencies and grow crops to overcome the scarcity. Nigeria, Haitii and the Central African Republic are three countries they mainly help.

Their service was so significant during the Covid-19 pandemic during which millions of people became hungry due to the imposition of restrictions on the transportation of goods.

Around 80 countries have gained the membership of the World Food Program.Sri Lanka, Thailand, Oman and Afghanistan are some of them.

The WFP also provides food for countries at war to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon in wars. They have developed 127,000 hectares of land for preventing food scarcity in 2019. The main’


Chanithma Talindi Joseph

Grade 10

Taxila Central College