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Covid-19 death toll tops 32 lakhs

2 May, 2021

The worldwide Covid-19 death toll passed 32 lakhs yesterday with the largest affected at present being India and Brazil. The number of Corona-19 pandemic cases around the world passed 152,000,000.

According to the latest data released by the worldometer, neighbouring India continued to be the most affected at present with over 3,000 deaths per day for the fourth successive day.

By the 24 hours ending Friday, there had been 3,522 deaths alone in India while over four lakhs of new cases were reported for the day. The number of Covid-19 pandemic cases reported from India up to yesterday was over 19,200,000. Brazil had the second largest deaths with 2,870 per day while 73,076 new cases reported.

But the United States continued to be the most affected country overall, with 590,000 deaths and over 33,100,000 cases. Apart from the US (over 590,000), Brazil (404,000 +), Mexico (216,000 +) and India (212,000 +), the other most affected countries with over 100,000 deaths are the UK (127,500 +), Italy (120,800 +), Russia (110,128 +) and France (104,500 +).

Sri Lanka remained 89th in the most affected list with around 109,000 cases and over 678 deaths. But Sri Lanka is still on a better footing in Asia at the 28th place, way ahead of its South Asian countries India (19,200,000 plus cases), Pakistan (825,520 +), Bangladesh (760,000 +) and Nepal (323,200 +).