When words become lyrics, the wind sweeps them to eternity | Sunday Observer

When words become lyrics, the wind sweeps them to eternity

2 May, 2021

Moisture in the air, falling everywhere
When earthy snow is in melt.
Morn on mountain top
Phenomenon in twilight
Hanging low in the sky
Upon frozen, stirring pastures

Infinite and lavish fertility
A paradise you left behind
On crags and peaks and snow
Whisper a sermon to the stars
Craters revive and sing a song
As you journey from a distance.


Deep within my searching soul
An emotional abyss gently abide
Seeking solace from nowhere.
If from the core of my heart
Revere the feel of love
When you are my world, my wide world.

The chamber door unlocked
Throw open with violent sound
Astonished, my eyes behold you
Gloriously crafted in brilliance
Like the descent of Gabriel to earth
With a promise of eternal life.

But the woods are desolate
Though bathed in crystal light
The breadth of sweeping air
Meander and reach the heavens
We must wait and watch the miracle
When our souls touch our lives

Roots of life spread around
In eternal nature flux,
Meadows to lakes, planes to hills
Our hearts beating as one
We see yonder the shining light
Our quest for eternal life.

As the whirling light appears
In thy opal spiritual eyes
Vision after vision reveal
The spirit you never found in me
As ocean surf the shores
This emotional sphere finally.

Fragments of flowered foothills
Backdrops your journey to eternity
The bases of alpine cliffs across
Beneath the confides thrive
A sparkling silver girdle wrap your arms
As heavens close upon, my Prince

Misty summer mountains
Stretch upon her valleys
Water in the meadows pause
Only to drift across the domes
On peaks and lakes
Yawns a hazy morn.

The stirring crevasses; rising cliffs
Doth’ your eyes behold this wilderness
As the grazing sheep scatter apart
To compass and disappear in the dust.
But you the chosen shepherd
Lead them to green pastures.

The leaves and grasses in their prime
Wondrously levelled upon earth
Licking the dripping raindrops
Blending in communion
Joyously the woods reveal
Your divine, sacred harmony.

The young plants stand apart
Drenched in the morning dew
They turn your direction
And breathe the fragrant air
As the incense of cedar wood
Yield and cling to you, my Prince.


Do you hear the solemn whisper
From currents and rivulets beneath
Below the overcling eave
Looking for the Summer terrain
As I see your glorious smile
Lighting the dark wilderness

Dripping afternoon shades
In search of your wandering soul
Covering your grassy path
No mortal can see
As I watch the fall of dusk
And seek you from a distance

A scrubbed granite surface held in shine
With evening shadows playing upon
I could never pierce nor peep
And believe how faithful you are
The warmth you carry within
Gentle shepherd you are.

Began the evanescent in shining garb
Sunk from heights of dusk
Perfect spreading trees
Fringed in rainbow myriads
Beckon the sheep
Before the day vanish in air

Sleepy mountains after sunset
Come, radiant in the glowing moon
The multihued tones afire
Over the summit of our hearts
Tenderness you never knew
From vibrance of life, gentle shepherd.

I listen to your accents with ardour
And try to reach you,
Gentle shepherd
But you seem so far, far away
You leave me desolate,
Forlorn, lost and distraught.

When songs of Spring fill the air
Loud bleat the lambs in search
The gentle shepherd you are.
Caring as the Redeemer
Walking in the wilds
And slumbering in the underwood.

Over the meadows, ripples the streams
Where the wind blows
The murmur of the honey-bee
So alike your gentle tones
How many times have I missed you
Rambling in the fields afar

But the voice of water over-run
The falling leaves sublime
And when I pause in the yonder terrain
The wind still sweeps by
The gentle shepherd, far away
On distance I cannot comprehend.