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Apannaka who broke the status quo in beauty pageants

17 May, 2021

Apart from being a beauteous damsel, she is steely and stupendous in her deliberate wilfulness which she retained during the run up to her most desired and highly anticipated pageant which she eventually conquered. She is Apannaka Kuliyapitiya, affectionately addressed and known among her immediate umbrella of friends as ‘AKI’.

The alluring beauty in Apannaka brought her into the limelight overnight, following her winning of the first runner up title of the ‘Miss Sapphire World 2021’, by competing with 75 contestants. ‘Miss Sapphire World’ is a professional beauty contest which covers all of Europe, the whole of Asia and the United States of America. This particular contest is where the most outstanding beauties in Paris, London, Miami and Hong Kong are recognised. This year’s pageant was held in St. Petersburg, Russia on April 25, 2021. The pageant in Russia was organised by Ksenia Lavad while Alona Roshal was its director. Joining from St. Petersburg, Russia, in an interview with the Sunday Observer, Apannaka declared that her odyssey of modelling during the run up to her much celebrated current achievement has never been a bed of roses. She did not force herself to hide her emotions as she declared that her odyssey was engulfed with a number of odious, revolting and destructive criticisms, levelled against her. She says that she was initially devastated and shattered by such criticisms but now she mercifully and affectionately embraces such critics who gave her an immense degree of motivation.

Status quo

Apannaka broke the status quo in the beauty pageants and stands as a classic example of a beauty who was neither worried nor wanted to change her original complexion; she stands as herself, she is true to herself and she does not shun her actual identity.

In his Village in the jungle, Leonard Woolf, calls the Sri Lankans the ‘chocolate brown skinned Ceylonese’. Apannaka studies at the St. Petersburg institute of Art and Restorations in Russia where her favourite field of study is child psychology with management being the current discipline of her studies.

Apannaka says that the degree of pride, prestige and pride ingrained within herself about Sri Lanka, her beloved motherland was immense and immeasurable, as she introduced herself as a Sri Lankan, representing the beautiful island nation in the recently concluded pageant, albeit it was held many thousands of miles away from home. Apannaka became highly emotional talking about her parents. She says that she is the ‘apple of the eye’ of her dad and the ‘red red rose’ of her mom. She fondly says that her dad is the inspiration of her energetic, encouraging and enthusiastic attitudes of being victorious while her mom is the magnificent and prolific architect of her castle of life, giving her courage to stand steady despite the turmoil and turbulence in life.

Prudent advice

Apannaka’s dad is Kuliyapitiye Sri Prananda who is a writer, instructor and a lecturer. She says that her dad is a walking encyclopaedia. Her mom is Amitha Dodanwala. Appannaka says that her dad has a habit of writing to her quite frequently where most of her spare time is occupied by reading the prudent advice given by her dad. She says that she was heavily moved by a note that her dad sent her just a few days ago where he wrote “I am certain that my daughter would overcome the obstacles on a land of snow as much as the trader in the Apannaka Jathakaya overcame the obstacles on a land of sands together with his companions”. Appannaka says that after all, she is named after the Apannaka Jathakaya.

Apannaka says that she is ever indebted to her parents for being a source of inspiration as well as a tower of strength. She also gratefully acknowledges the kind and genuine support extended to her by Prishanthi and Mudalige. She says “Aunty Prishanthi and uncle Mudalige are goodhearted souls who lavishly help and bless me”. She did not fail to mention Randeepa, her dear friend whose assistance has been overwhelming. Apannaka says “never compromise on the love and compassion that you give to the world. Beauty is nothing, but simply love and compassion, which should be extended to the entire human race”.