Kylie Jenner looks so different with bangs | Sunday Observer

Kylie Jenner looks so different with bangs

17 May, 2021

Another day, another new Kylie Jenner hairstyle. In recent years, we’ve seen the star rocking everything from her signature dark hair – both long and short – to platinum blonde to pink to icy blue, and now she’s decided to try her hands at bangs, like many of us when we’re bored or dealing with emotional turmoil.

Kylie debuted the new look on the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram on May 4, with a Polaroid pic that finds her posing against a pink backdrop in a shiny pink bra top and matching high-waisted, skintight pants. Her hair is styled long and straight, pulled behind her shoulders to give the asymmetrical bangs center stage. The whole look is kind of giving us young Kris Jenner vibes, and we’re all about it.

The look is probably a wig, of course; Kylie loves wearing wigs to change up her look at a moment’s notice, especially for her brands’ campaigns. Last year, she gave followers a few sneak peeks at her real hair, which was chopped into a cute bob and dyed a deep bronde shade. But we haven’t seen it in a while, since Kylie has been rocking ultra-long hair as of late.

However, it seems there may be more to the pic than just the debut of Kylie’s bangs. The entire Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account has been completely wiped clean save for the new pic, and the caption, “Something is coming,” is extremely cryptic and compelling.

Kylie hasn’t launched a new collection or new products recently, so there must be something in the works from her popular beauty brand. But what could it be? We’ll be keeping a very close eye on the Kylie Cosmetics account for hints because a complete Insta wipe means there’s certainly something major in the works.