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14 May, 2021

Kite fun on roof leaves three dead

GALLE: Three persons including a man and his five-year-old son who were flying kites were killed on the spot after the roof on which they were perched on crashed to the ground.

The other victim was described as the man’s brother.

The roof was part of a temporary shelter and it caved in apparently owing to inclement weather experienced in the area over the past few days, police said.

The incident was reported from a village in Makuluwa in Galle.


Man strangled to death on swing

MUNDALAMA: A young father of two was strangled to death in a bizarre incident after he was caught up in a make-shift swing located in his front yard.

According to investigators the 27-year-old victim had made the swing with television antenna wire to amuse his two siblings aged two years and five months.

The victim was riding the swing when he was caught up with a sudden gush of strong wind and was fatally entangled to the harsh wire, police said. The breadwinner of the family, the victim was also tasked with the upkeep of his mother who is a cancer patient.

The incident was reported from Velasumanapura in Mundalama Chilaw.


Woman sold liquor during quarantine period

POLICE HQ: A woman who allegedly sold liquor in violation of the quarantine regulations was among a large number of persons rounded up for disregarding the health regulations.

The 44-year-old woman was nabbed along with 138 bottles of liquor.

Police arrested 253 more people yesterday for disregarding quarantine regulations bringing the number of those rounded up to 9,282.


Illegal sea voyage grounded

CHILAW: A group of 30 persons attempting an alleged illegal sea crossing to a foreign country were rounded up from two safe houses in Samindugama in Chilaw on Friday, Police and the Navy said.

They said the suspects were rounded up in a two-day operation carried out by the Navy, Coast Guard and the police.

Apart from that the owners of the safe house that had provided the group with food and lodging were also arrested.

The all male suspects are residents of Jaffna, Batticaloa, Mullaitivu and Puttalam areas, investigators have found out.

The group was later handed over to the Chilaw Police for further investigations.


Four illegal immigrants held in Jaffna

JAFFNA: A family of four that including two children who had slipped into the country from South India via an illegal sea crossing was rounded up from a house in Gurunagar –Jaffna. According to Police the group had first landed in Mannar from the South Indian state of Rameshwaran in early May and later sailed on a boat to Jaffna.

The group included a 61-year-old woman, her 34-year-old daughter and grand children aged nine and five years.

It is believed that Indian and Sri Lankan fishermen had facilitated their journey into the country. The group has told investigators that they had fled their home in Rameshwaran owing to the Covid-19 pandemic that is fast spreading in India.