Egg carton dragonfly craft for children | Sunday Observer

Egg carton dragonfly craft for children

30 May, 2021


How to make your dragonfly:

Start by cutting up your recycled egg carton so you have 6 cups connected (this is the dragonfly’s body).

You may paint the dragonfly in blue and purple like in the picture or any colour you like.

Cut out some dragonfly wings with the white paper. Cut up squares out of the coloured tissue paper and glue them all over the wings.

You can even paint the white wings any colour you like and let them dry before you attach them to the body.

Poke a knife or pen into the front and add small pipe cleaner antennas.Once the paint is all dry, glue the wings on top of the second “cup” of the egg carton. Note that the wings might curl up during drying so you might want to put some heavy objects on it.

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