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Environmental pollution

30 May, 2021

Environmental pollution means pollution which degrades the environment and it is increasing daily.

Global warming is also increasing due to environmental pollution.

There is such an imbalance in nature that many birds, animals and plants are on the verge of extinction day by day.

A healthy eco-system for the protection of all living things is absolutely necessary and government and public action to reduce environmental pollution should be taken promptly.

We too have to help stop environmental pollution.


We can try to do so by:

*By powering our homes with renewable energy.

*Using energy efficient systems in your home such as cooling systems

*Investing in energy efficient appliances.

*Reducing water waste

*Buying energy efficient bulbs

*Driving a fuel efficient vehicle.

*Maintaining our cars, motor bicycles and other forms of transportation

*Shrinking our carbon profile


We should encourage others to use products made of recyclable materials. We must be careful about the use of natural resources like trees and encourage the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy. Instead of personal vehicles, we should depend as much as possible on public transport to reduce air pollution through vehicle emissions.

The use of organic pesticides and fertilisers, instead of synthetic pesticide and fertilisers are helpful in environmental protection.

Our environment is our asset and we should not lose the charm of the environment by pollution. We should safeguard the earth and environment as they also nurture and shelter us. If the environment gets polluted, then will it be possible for us to live? The contaminants of the environment are called pollutants. A green and clean atmosphere is important to live a peaceful and healthy life.

We must stop and avoid using polythene and plastic bags and prefer ecofriendly items to save the atmosphere.

We can easily save our environment for the next generation in several ways by accepting and adopting a simple lifestyle.

Promoting digital technology will save natural resources like wood from which products such as paper are made.

The World Environment Day is celebrated each year on the June 5 to energise worldwide interest to ensure the earth’s safe existence.

It is the United Nation’s lead program to manage ecological issues like dangerous atmospheric deviation, natural contamination, marine contamination, and similar issues.

While being safe from Covid -19 we have protect the plants which give us oxygen to live and reduce pollution.



Nadithi Senara Seneviratne

Grade 8

Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya

Colombo 7