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Gardening – a fun and productive activity

30 May, 2021

Protecting the environment is a vital need today. It is very important that both the young and old do their part to safeguard nature.

There are many things to be done and children can easily get involved in the process.

Today, the Junior Observer brings you three activities which will help nature, your parents’ budget, the food cycle and bring you hours of productive fun.

Home gardening

Gardening is fun and productive. You can not only grow flowers but also vegetables and fruit inyour home garden.

Remember it is important to water your plants daily and weed and fertlise them when necessary.

Even if you live in an apartment you can grow some vegetables, fruits and flowers in pots and containers.

Balconies, ledges and window sills can be used to keep these pots or containers. Window boxes are a good option for both houses and apartments African violets and several other flowering plants can be grown indoors. Green chillies and capsicums can easily be grown in pots.

Beautify the environment by growing colourful floral varieties like the bahumania creeper, canna lilies, bougainvillea and crab claws.

Gerbera daisies and zinnias too come in a variety of colours and can be grown in containers and therefore are good for small spaces like in apartments.




Organic or natural fertiliser is best. You can make compost using a compost bin. They can be bought or you cn make your own by using a barrel. All the leaves , twigs and similar things from the garden and kitchen waste can be used to make compost. If you are in an apartment kitchen waste, left overs and leaves and twigs collected when you go outside can be used to make compost. The compost bin can be kept in a corner of the back balcony if there is no space outside.

We will be bringing you gardening tips from time to time. Plant now and let us know how your gardens grow. Don’t forget to send high resolution pictures with your news.



Today, containers for plants come in a variety of materials like clay, cement and plastic too.

They cost money though. You can economise and have fun too when you use discarded items to create containers. Also remember by recycling you will be helping to minimise pollution.

Discarded gutter pipes, tyres and plastic containers are some of the recyclable materials which can be used as substitute flower pots. It is easy to cut tehm and create containers.

Greens, herbs, tomatoes and thalana batu can be grwn in containers.