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A great person in Sri Lanka

30 May, 2021

Munidasa Cumaratunga is a great person in Sri Lanka. He was born on July 25, 1887. He was a writer, poet, journalist and grammarian. He wrote many Sinhala story books. Heen saraya, Hathpana, Magul kema and Kiyawana nuwana are some of them. These books are popular among children even today.

Munidasa Cumaratunga founded the Hela Havula movement to promote the correct usage of the Sinhala language.

He wrote Sinhala grammar books and had a broad knowledge of other languages such as Tamil, Pali, Sanskrit, Greek and Latin.In his life time he served as a school teacher, principal and school inspector.

This eminent scholar passed away on March 2, 1944.


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