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Let’s protect the environment

30 May, 2021

Hello children,

On the June 5 the world celebrated World Environment Day despite the pandemic. The theme was ‘Ecosystem Restoration’. In 1972, the United Nations Organization declared June 5 as World Environment Day.

The World Environment Day has been an annual event since it was first celebrated in Spokane, USA in 1974. The aim of the day is to create awareness about the importance of protecting the environment and get people focused on it. This year’s theme was ‘Ecosystem restoration’. Our environment is fragile and needs the utmost care. But we do not protect it as we should. Many people damage the environment little realising that by destroying the environment we are endangering ourselves and all other living beings on earth.

There are many ways of polluteing the environment. Cutting of trees, polluting the oceans, rivers and other waterways, polluting the air we breathe with toxic vehicle emissions are some of them. Burning of plastic and polythene releases dangerous chemicals and gases such as dioxins, furans and hydrochloric acid which result in respiratory ailments, immunity problems and in some instances even carcinoma or cancer. Marine pollution is caused by a combination of chemicals and trash and much of it most of which land and is washed or blown into the ocean. Marine animals eat the trash such as polythene and die or they get entangled in parts of fishing nets and similar items and die. Land animals and birds too suffer from eating garbage and breathing, polluted air.

The cutting of forests means loss of habitat for many animals. Careless disposal of garbage is another major pollutant of the environment.

We can do much to stop the pollution of the environment and can start with simple things such ensuring proper garbage disposal, avoid use of polythene, beach clean ups, planting trees and shrubs are some of them. We can also help spread awareness of environmental protection, safeguarding important ecosystem such as mangrove and evils of deforestation.

Dear children, please do all you can to safeguard Planet Earth.

Until we meet again,

Good luck.

Aunty Nira