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My journey to the moon with my two best friends

30 May, 2021

It was March 23, 2015. My friends and I planned to go to the moon. I took my cat with me and left him inside the rocket. We went off in the rocket which was made by me and my two friends in my backyard.

Then we went through space away from Earth. As we were flying through space we saw galaxies and stars. At last, we landed on the moon.

Then, we started to explore and as we went we pinned flags so we could come back to the rocket safely. I went over some cliffs and I used a rope to keep me from floating away. Then, I met some aliens. As I was out of flags by this time I was lost.

The aliens helped me to get back to the rocket. I introduced them to my two friends. Then, the aliens and we had lunch. After this we said bye! bye! to the aliens and came back to Earth.


Ayaan Mushtak Luhar

Grade 5 C

Hill Country International School.