Sewmini, first in the Arts stream of 2020 A/L in the Kurunegala District | Sunday Observer

Sewmini, first in the Arts stream of 2020 A/L in the Kurunegala District

5 June, 2021

The enrichment that she wanted enraptured her. She ensconced herself among her fellow students. She is Sewmini Promoda Edirisinha of Maliyadeva Girls’ College, Kurunegala who became the recent talk of her alma mater when she made the entire Kurunegala District proud by coming first with her exceptional achievement in the Arts stream of the Advanced Level Examination of 2020. In Sri Lanka, the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level (A/L) is a crucial turning point which decides a student’s ability of getting selected to a public University.

The GCE A/L is considered as one of the most competitive exams in the island where only a handful of students get selected to the public universities. In that context, Sewmini’s fortitude during the run-up to her exam, despite the scary times brought out by the Covid-19 pandemic had been exceptional, laudable and applaudable.

Caring and poised Sewmini in an interview with the Sunday Observer said that her academic achievement was not merely stardust but a deliberately and courageously acquired task which is absolutely within the reach of any student whose determination and hard work are quite exceptional. Art, Geography and Home Science were her subjects at the A/Ls.

Sewmini’s passion for art is unfailing. She says “en passant, I have an affinity for art and am rather passionate about it. Painting has been in my blood since childhood. You know when you draw you need a little mystery and a fantasy. I always fall in love with what I draw while appreciating both appreciation and constructive criticism.

You know at the end of the day until you don’t complete your painting, you don’t feel that you have drawn something of your very own”. She said that the very same affinity that she has for painting paved the way for her to study art as a subject in the exam which brought her into the limelight in the island.


Sewmini says that her zeal for fashion and jewellery designing motivates her to take them up in addition to her studies. It is in these currently very impressive and popular fields she intends to have a career following her tertiary education. Due to the enhancement of technology, the world’s fashion designing industry has significantly grown to greater heights in recent years. This is an industry where there are ample opportunities. It has been found that over the past few years the number of employment opportunities, most importantly in the fields of jewellery and fashion designing in the world has substantially increased which is certainly a trend that is expected to continue.

Meanwhile, while being studious, Sewmini expressed her concern on the importance of getting involved with extra-curricular activities as well. She said “I always maintained a good rapport with all my subject teachers, while reserving my time for taking part in extra-curricular activities. I played netball. I swam. You find some students habitually spending much time on studies. They keep a low profile in extra-curricular activities. But I have personally experienced the tremendous amount of both physical and mental solace that you gain through sports and that of course helps you to remain so steady in your studies”. Much research has found out that the students are tremendously helped by extra-curricular activities which can develop and enhance their knowledge, competencies, skills and personal qualities in different contexts. The present day workforce is required to be armed with a range of skills and experience in addition to academic capabilities which help them to be productive, active and competitive in the work place. It is true that extra-curricular activities with which a student is involved shape the student’s personality; that is also the most ideal opportunity to develop human well-being and simultaneously enjoy life. Sewmini entreats all young students to be go getters and target oriented. She says “as long as the focus on your target remains so steady, no outside force can hamper your attempt. Be punctual and methodical. Never forget to sit for all the term tests at school and attend school regularly without fail”. Sewmini acknowledged her debt to all the teachers who guided, advised and taught her in their truest spirit and to the best of their ability.

Gifted family

Sewmini’s family is blessed and gifted. She says that her parents and the two younger siblings have been her greatest tower of strength. She also says that her parents have shown her the value of education which is certainly one of the most significant ways where parents are able to encourage the studies of their off springs. Sewmini is delighted that her parents have succeeded in mobilising the resources to provide support for her A/L exam which she conquered. Nimal Edirisinha and Kumari Jayawickrama are her parents. Nimal Edirisinha is the Executive Director, Human Resource Authority, North Western Province. Also, he gives his services to the private sector as an executive. Kumari Jayawickrama is teacher of music at Demataluwa Maha Vidyalaya, in the Nikaweratiya educational zone. Her two younger brothers study at Maliyadeva Boys School, Kurunegala.