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Insee Cement committed to conserve ecosystems

12 June, 2021
Mangrove preservation
Mangrove preservation

Insee Cement marked the launch of the ‘UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration’ by doubling down on its commitment to the conservation of Sri Lanka’s diverse ecosystems spread across the island.

Organisation and Human Resources Director at Insee Cement – Sri Lanka, Chandana Wijayanama  said, “Our efforts towards conservation stem from understanding the urgency to act to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems. As a business that is intrinsically and irrevocably connected to natural resources, Insee Cement has from the onset worked to mitigate environmental impact through sustainable manufacturing and responsible business practices. We are strengthening our commitment this World Environment Day to do our part in healing our ecosystems, improving natural habitats, protecting our soils and water resources, and supporting our communities in tackling climate change.”

Chief Executive Officer at Insee Cement – Sri Lanka, Gustavo Navarro said, “Insee Cement has never shied away from responsibility and commitment, especially when urgent action is called for at a global scale. While the nature of our business has always called for compliance with the highest, most stringent environmental standards, we have also used our resources and influence to create a more long-term, greater impact to restore and conserve our fragile ecosystems.

“This year, as we mark the beginning of UN’s Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, Insee Cement reaffirms our commitment to counteract climate change, stop the collapse of biodiversity and in turn enhance the lives and livelihoods within our most fundamental ecosystem; the communities in which we operate,” he said.