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A pandemic wrapped in pollution

12 June, 2021

All of a sudden Mother Nature has given us a present which is wrapped in pollution. It is not a present anymore, it is a pandemic. Even though this seems like a story, it is the reality.

Before the pandemic we polluted the environment. People lived as if they were the only living beings. They are still constructing buildings and roads everywhere as they like, cutting trees, destroying the environment and habitats of animals.

People are greedily fighting for lands. They use weapons and destroy themselves and the beloved environment too. We forget to walk and use so much of fossil fuel in vehicles that we pollute our fresh air and this makes our lungs weak.

Humans have changed their lifestyle, They need more food and many more things. Therefore, garbage dumps go up and add much harmful chemicals to fresh water and the soil. We put ourselves and other living beings in danger. As a result of that, a virus which can’t be seen by the naked eye, emerged to slowdown the humans dance on earth. Now, people can’t go here and there.

They have to stay apart from each other and stay at home as the virus attacks weak lungs and damage them and makes you unhealthy. Sometimes, the virus results in death.

The positive side is that Planet Earth is healing. An example is the shrinking of the damage to the ozone layer.

For us, humans it’s time to correct our thinking and behaviour. We must realise that we aren’t the owners of this world, we are just a part of beautiful nature.

We can’t control Mother Nature, we should give our love and care to protect her for our future.

If not, there’ will be many more presents left to open in the future.

Senuthmi Weerasekara

Grade 7

Bishop's College,