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Studying and homework

12 June, 2021

Hello children,

Studying and homework are considered a burden or tedious task by many children. Actually, this need not be so. Learning can be fun!

Having a schedule for your studying and homework will help you manage both and balance your other activities and leisure time. What is important is that you do your allotted work daily and not let it pile up and put you in a spin. Every day, finish your homework for the day. Some children use any spare time they have during school time to complete their homework and then they have more time for study and play at home.

Make a habit of going over the work you have done that day on that day itself. This will most certainly help you when it comes to revising for tests and exams. Also, whenever the opportunity arises revise past work. Do not try to do everything just before exams.

Making short notes about what you learn is a good way to study and revise.

Group studying can be helpful as long as you focus on work. You can help each other in difficult subjects, a Q and A session will help jog your memory about what you have leant.

Above all, be focused when you study or do homework. This will make the process quicker and easier and what you study will be retained in your memory better.

To be quick on the uptake a good rest and relaxation are vital. So, don’t keep work till the end and burn the midnight oil. It will only make your brain sluggish and dull.

When you study a subject do not confine yourself to the notes you make in school. Try to read and research and learn more about it. This will make the subject more interesting too. Here, the internet can be of help.

Now, I will leave you with these thoughts until next time.

Good luck,

Aunty Nira