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Uses of the Internet in Education

12 June, 2021

 The Internet is a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardised communication protocols. It is the most advanced device of bringing the world together with the advancement of technology and communication. The world has become a global village as a result of communication.

        Most of the current devices are now connected through the Internet. Whatever the field we are studying, the Internet provides us with all the knowledge we need. The Internet has broad educational content on any topic in different ways. The days are gone when we were stuck among piles of books to collect the information. However, the Internet facility has made it easier.  

Today, we can gain knowledge about the entire world at our own convenience within a few minutes through the Internet, due to the advancement of technology which helps us in many ways in education such as in the classroom. It serves as a teaching aid for teachers and the learning management system.

As students we can use the Internet as a facility to access the learning units at anytime and anywhere, for instance at school, at home or any other convenient location. It also gives us the ability to upload assignments completed at home, submit queries, get replies and submit comments through forums and to participate in co-curricular activities via video. The Internet helps us to find information quickly in multiple formats such as images, documents and videos.

Due to the present Covid- 19 pandemic we cannot go out to find information. Besides, the Internet has also helped us to participate in our classes through video conferencing where we can connect with our teachers. The Internet is helping us to keep updated with what is happening around the world. There are also many websites to provide real time updates. technology is playing a major role in the field of education. The Internet is incredibly beneficial for us in this Covid -19 pandemic. We should use this Internet facility only for a good purpose and not to destroy our power of concentration.


Nuha Uzman

Grade 11

Baduriya National College