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Father’s Day

NDB Wealth encourages stability and protection

20 June, 2021

NDB Wealth encourages fathers everywhere to grow their wealth to match that boundless love while basking in the warmth of their family, providing them with stability and protection. 

“Father’s Day is an excellent time to reflect on being a parent and the stability of your family’s future. Some celebrate while others ponder the responsibilities that go with achieving the best for your family.

We at NDB Wealth fully understand that with the right support, advice and guidance, you can make the right decisions to provide for your family’s future while not taking away too much of your valuable time,” said  Head of Private Wealth Management, Laknada De Mel. “This is where NDB Wealth becomes a Father’s best friend. Our wealth of experience in Wealth Management via our flexible investment solutions are designed to make your money grow,” De Mel said.