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Seylan Bank hosts webinar for SMEs

20 June, 2021
Ranil Dissanayake
Ranil Dissanayake

Seylan Bank  conducted a skills and knowledge sharing webinar recently  for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to help them adapt to the current digitally driven business environment.The Live Webinar was hosted via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook. The interactive session gathered around 1,000 registrations.

The webinar “Let’s use Facebook effectively to promote business growth in the current environment” was a part of the Bank’s efforts to further empower the SME sector with the availability and usage of digital tools present in the current environment.

The Bank has been consistently offering entrepreneurs, skills development programs on multiple subject matters to enable the SME and micro customer segments to remain competitive during times of economic uncertainty. The webinar was designed to offer pandemic-specific advice on how to promote businesses through social media platforms to entrepreneurs in multiple segments. Assistant General Manager, Branch Credit at Seylan Bank, Ranil Dissanayake said, “Seylan Bank has always been a leader in supporting the SME sector grow.

We believe the SME sector is the backbone of the economy and, therefore, we enable customers who are committed to building businesses from the ground up to reach their fullest potential. We believe that knowledge sharing and skills development are two key aspects that establish growth within the SME sector.”

“Through the webinar, we wanted to share industry insights and knowledge on how to elevate their businesses through the use of ‘Facebook’ and its digital tools, which has become an income-generating platform in the recent past. Since 2020, we have taken initiatives to host live webinars on multiple subject matters for the betterment of the SME community and will continue to have knowledge sharing forums on current, relative subject matter in the future,” the Assistant General Manager said. 

The webinar was conducted by Udara Dharmasena  and included topics such as benefits of digital marketing in a business, identification of the appropriate Facebook tools for the relevant business, creating digital advertisements for digital marketing and the importance of setting up a digital marketing plan for your business.