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The most beautiful village I have ever seen

20 June, 2021

 Athipola is the most beautiful village that I have ever seen. There are many beautiful things there. It is situated in the Matale district. There are many beautiful mountains around the village. There are beautiful green paddy fields in the village. The morning here is lovely.

There are many different and beautiful birds, deer, rabbits, cows and jungle flowers in the village. The most beautiful thing is the evening sunset. When I get up early in the morning, I can hear the l different sounds of birds clearly. Among them are parrots, humming birds, peacocks and mynahs. Cranes fly above the paddy fields and small paddy plants wave in the wind. We can hear different animal noises periodically in the forest nearby. My grandmother, uncle, aunt and cousins live there. During every vacation we visit Athipola and play with the cousins for a whole month. I would love to live in Athipola everyday if I could.


Sithmini Himansi

Grade 7 - 1

Hillwood College