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Recycled toilet paper roll bracelets

20 June, 2021

How to make your bracelet:

To start just cut a toilet roll core into three equal slices and depending on the width of your wrist

Next you can start wrapping the wool around the slices or cut through the slice before you wrap the wool to give you an expandable bracelet like in the image below

You may use a little sellotape/clear sticky tape to secure the end of the wool to the inside of the tube before starting to wrap, and you may use a drop of glue at the other end when the wrapping is finished. (Glue on the inside of course)

You can wear the cuff bracelets as they are, lovely solid blocks of colour, or weave in contrasting wool.

If you don’t have a large needle (Like in the first image) for the weaving part just wrap a little sellotape around the end of the wool to make it easy to weave in and out between the wool strands.

Weave any pattern you like, a running stitch like in the image below or a striking X pattern like in the image at the top, you may get creative and have any pattern you prefer.


Materials to gather:

* Recycled toilet paper roles


* Sellotape.

* Large needle for the weaving part (Not mandatory)