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The thirikkale

20 June, 2021

 This is a thirikkale. It is a carriage age drawn by a bull and was a popular way of transport in olden times.

The meaning of the word thirikkale really means cart with three wheels and was first used only for covered palanquins (dolawas) with the shouldering pole and three small wheels and used only for nobles. The res thirikkale or the racing thirikkale is used for races and this was a popular form of sport many years ago but lost its popularity over the years.

However, this sport is now gaining popularity again especially at events such as New Year Festivals. The thirikkale has also become a popular and fun means of transport for bridal couples.

This quaint carriage is not often seen on the roads now especially in urban areas but you do get them now and again. Look out for them and if you can hitch a ride on one do so for the fun of it.