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United we stand-Divided we fall

20 June, 2021

Long ago, in ancient India there was a very large and important city named Benares. This beautiful city was ruled by King Brahmadattha.

Near this city was a huge jungle where lived many animals, birds and reptiles. Among the birds were quails (watuwas). There were a large number of quails fluttering among the trees and roosting atop them. These birds had a ‘King of Quails’ to look after their wellbeing and other affairs.

There was also a hunter who lived in this jungle who made a living from, catching quails and selling them. Many quails got trapped in the hunter’s net which he used fling or lay on bushes or the ground while walking slowly. He used to imitate the cry of the quails to fool the bird to come to the spot where he was lying in wait with the net.

The loss of a great many quails worried the King of the Quails greatly. He thought much about the problem and then called a meeting of all his quail subjects.

“We are losing a great many of us because of the hunter and our numbers are reducing greatly. This cannot be allowed to go on. Here is what you must do. When the hunter throws his net over you must take the net together as one and fly with it and land on some bushes. Then the net will get entangled in the bushes and you will be able to free yourselves and fly away safely.”

The quails followed the King’s advice and were able to escape from the hunter The hunter was angry and sad for he had no quails to sell.

This happy state of affairs lasted for a while and the quails were free and happy.

The ‘King of the Quails’ was also relieved and happy.

Then sadly, things changed. The quails started to quarrel among themselves.

They did not listen to the King who advised them in vain not to quarrel.

One day, the hunter cast his net to trap the quails and they got caught. However, as they were quarrelling with each other they did not unite and fly carrying the net with them. So, the hunter caught them easily and went off to the city to sell them grinning broadly. Why the birds got caught was because they were not united and did not fly off as with the net.