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Youth stress, ambiguity on the rise

20 June, 2021

It is quite obvious how fast the new norm replaced the usual normality of our lives. The abrupt alterations that took place were inevitable and directly influenced every aspect of the world.

As a result, nothing could escape the impact of the pandemic. Whatever came along, it carried the baggage of new challenges for the world to face.

While having great anticipations about the glorious day the world gets rid of the pandemic, we strive to be resilient to the fullest of our capacities.

On track

However, amid the chaos, the world had to assure the economy, education, trade and all other things that keep the country on the track still play the game.

Giving priority and significance to health is the prime responsibility of the government and every citizen. In this process, no one can ignore the importance of the role of technology which has become the backbone of every platform, industry and sector.

If not for the advancements in technology that we have achieved over the years, we wouldn’t be able to live the convenience, sophistication and luxury it brings to our lives with the assurance of zero social contact during the pandemic era.

The digitalisation of education, corporate and health sectors lessened the risks associated with the epidemic. As a result, it kept the progress on the flow and ensured the health of the students and employees are in safe hands.

However, the new norm is creating a direct impact on the lifestyles of youth. Even though schools, colleges, workplaces are virtually replaced at home with the help of technology, there are many other concerns to be considered.

Youth around the world seem to be going through a phase of their life full of ambiguity, stress, loneliness, pressure, frustration, and feeling of missing out.

Youth in different age groups are struggling with their daily routine as most of it is spent on virtual platforms. Social gatherings, traveling, exploring the world, engage in sports, exposing to new challenges and adventures, trying out new things seem pushed far away from their lives.

Virtual education is putting more pressure on young people to perform better while forcing them to put more effort into completing the given tasks and score better to move to the next level.


On the other hand, some students find it difficult to find a career even after graduating. Since the job market is wide open for medical, commercial, and technology-based employment, youth who pursued hotel management, tourism, cookery, and beauty culture, are not certain about their future.

The pressure is leading them to settle down with the limited options available in the new norm. This kind of ambiguity about the future has created even more frustration in their minds as they are forced to adjust to the updates of the new norm.

Since the emerging variants of the virus adding more pressure to the current issues, the government keeps changing its initiatives to control the pandemic.

Travel bans, lockdown, and isolation of the areas, warnings, alerts, and restrictions are being updated every split of a second. Youth complain that they find it difficult to keep up with the frequent updates, news and announcements and schedule their day following that.

New system?

On the other hand monotony and repeated daily routines have negatively affected mental health. Many say that this pandemic made them relive the same day over and over. Around the globe, many young people battle unemployment and financial insecurity.

They said that in a period of their lives where they could explore life, their lives are being controlled by the virus. Would the new norm redefine and reestablish a new system out of blue? Would it come up with better solutions for the current issues? Or would it make human lives much easier than ever before?

The only way we could come out of the struggle is to do everything in our power and hope for the best. Despite being anxious about what the future will bring everyone has to wait patiently till the world recover.

Not only youth but children and adults spend lives of uncertainty while having mixed-up feelings about the future. This could be the peak of the hardest part of the pandemic that makes everyone feels that the new normal isn’t normal anymore. But we all have to remember that blessings always come in disguise.