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20 June, 2021

All for the love of a man

PANADURA: A young beautician who allegedly had an illicit love affair with a 41-year-old married man was assaulted and had her hair chopped off by a group of women.

The suspects who included the man’s wife, his 17-year-old daughter and a female relative had allegedly stormed the victim’s beauty parlour and launched the attack.

The victim is the daughter of a popular film and television personality.


Online sex trade busted

MOUNTY LAVINIA: A third person wanted in the alleged online sex trade where a 15-year-old girl was sold has been arrested.

The 21-year-old suspect was rounded up from a safe house at Madapatha-Jamburaliya by officers of the Women’s and Children’s Bureau.

Earlier a couple was also arrested in connection with the same incident and are currently in remand.

The group is alleged to have used social media platforms to advertise the services.

The racket is alleged to have been in operation for at least three months.


Two Councillors held for theft

KOLONNAWA: Two members of the Kolonnawa urban Council were taken into custody in connection with the alleged theft of an agricultural machine.

The suspects are alleged to have taken the machine from a storage depot at Meethotamulla.

The machine belonged to the Paddy Marketing Board.

The person who purchased the machine from the suspects and another who helped transport it were also arrested.


Poachers feel the heat

DIGGALA: A group of 12 poachers were rounded up while they were on a hunt deep inside a forest reserve at Kabilitta-Diggala.

They were arrested by Police and WildLife officers who had waited in ambush following a tip-off.

Seven guns, and five torches were also recovered from the group.

The suspects are residents of Siyambalanduwa.