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What makes a woman lovable?

20 June, 2021

Broadly speaking, there seems to be two types of women: those with sex appeal and others without it. The first category of women understand men perfectly. When a woman falls in love with a man or gets married to him, she will devote much time and energy to understand his individual characteristics.

To acquire this ability a woman does not have to be a good-looking person or someone with outstanding talents or educational qualifications. A woman who wishes to be lovable needs to have some kind of LQ (Lovability Quotient). This is something similar to Intelligence Quotient. Let’s consider a woman’s LQ from a man’s point of view.

Most men look for a motherly woman who would treat her man as the most important person in the world. Such a woman will value her man –boyfriend or husband – above all other people including herself. Naturally, any woman would appreciate material possessions a man provides her with. She needs clothes, a decent house to live in, nutritious food, healthcare, creature comforts, money and some measure of security in her home. If a man supplies her with such facilities, she will never dump him for another man.

A devoted husband always looks for his wife when he returns home from work. Her availability is an indication that she cares for him. If a man depends on a woman, it logically follows that she has to be dependable. However, a man does not remind her that she should make herself available when he returns home. She has to know how a man’s mind works instinctively. Most wives are good at choosing shirts, ties and shoes for their husbands. However, they do not think that their husbands cannot buy their needs without their help.

Art of forgiving

Even a lovable woman may get angry over certain incidents happening at home, but she does not react in a furious way. Instead of nagging, she bluntly tells him what she wants to say. She knows the art of forgiving and forgetting minor squabbles. She will not resort to sexual deprivation as a punishment nor does she use sexual availability as a reward.

A lovable woman knows how to say “no” indirectly. If she decides to remain adamant in her decision, her relationship with her husband will be adversely affected. She gives signs and clues that are tantamount to a denial. Even if he goes astray, she is ready to accept him unconditionally. The assurance of acceptability plays a major role in a lasting relationship.

A lovable woman is psychologically mature enough to understand that most men have an exceedingly poor tolerance for frustration. She handles such delicate situations deftly without hurting the feelings of her man. She knows that sex is an important feature in marriage. Therefore, she considers that satisfying her husband sexually is a matter of urgency. A woman with a high LQ knows how to teach her husband about what gratifies and pleases her. As a result, he will be obliged to act accordingly.

Complete rejection

A lovable woman knows that her husband will interpret sexual refusal as a complete rejection. Even if her desire does not coincide with his desire, she knows how to remain warm and lovable on such occasions. After a few years of marriage, some women do not pay much attention to their looks. A husband will misinterpret it as a sign of rejection. Any sensible husband would like to see his wife in good form – well-dressed and presentable. A lovable woman knows such secrets.

A lovable woman knows that her husband demands sexual exclusivity. This is quite natural even for husbands. No woman would like to share her husband with another woman. She knows that her days of flirtation are over. She is no longer hunting for a mate. Therefore, she has to make every attempt to win her husband’s attention.

Both men and women love to be kissed and hugged. These are ways of expressing your feelings. More than that, a lovable woman is always ready to listen to her husband’s anecdotes and jokes. When he is in the company of his friends discussing sports, a lovable woman knows that such detractions will not mar her happiness.


No man worth his salt would like to be manipulated by a woman. Sometimes when the husband is about to leave home for work, his wife would come up with a long list of complaints. A lovable woman would never resort to such tactics as she knows that it is not the time to burden him with questions and complaints. Sometimes the husband may have to work long hours to earn something extra.

On such occasions a lovable woman would never question him for coming home late. She knows that he is trying to earn more money to keep the home fires burning.

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have to know who you are. You should know your strengths and weaknesses. A lovable woman knows who she is and what her place in the household is. She has to preserve her self-esteem and honesty. She does not expect her husband to say, “I love you” or “Thank you” all the time. I knew of a husband who used to tell his wife “I love you” even in the presence of his friends.

A lovable woman knows that such appreciations and acknowledgments in public are really not necessary. She would never ask her husband, “Don’t you find me beautiful?” A lovable woman rarely needs such reassurances.

Finally, a lovable woman knows the difference between love and infatuation. Love is always a give and take involvement between two mature people. It can grow and last only when there is something in common to share between the husband and wife. A lovable woman does not expect universal love, but she only craves for the love of the man she married. As with other aspects of human behaviour, LQ too varies from woman to woman.

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