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Let’s learn from our past mistakes

4 July, 2021

There is no doubt that those who are liberated from troubles are either in the womb or in the tomb. Regarded from this perspective, we all have to face troubles without being disheartened. Even at present, Sri Lanka is passing an epoch of disasters. It is evident that not only one but also a flow of troubles is teaching us lessons, even though we act like deaf elephants. Undoubtedly, because of the consequences of the Covid- 19 pandemic and that of the X-press Pearl incident we may have forgotten the fact that this is not the first maritime disaster we have faced.

The MT New Diamond which caught fire on September 3, 2020 is within our living memory. Sadly, we have failed to close the stable door before the horse has bolted. Sharing Facebook rants and fabricated stories regarding the catastrophic incidents is futile. Be that as it may, there should be an effective discussion on the weaknesses of the experts to prevent future disasters.

Join hands

In this situation we all, as a country should join hands together irrespective of religion, political views and races to eradicate the global pandemic. Nevertheless, it is not wise to lose sight of the fact that racism can emerge in the guise of patriotism to bring more disasters to this Pearl of the Indian Ocean. However, we should keep in mind the fact that the wounds caused by racism are incurable. We all suffered much from an old wound for more than 30 years. To be honest, it was an epoch of blood. Speaking of the destruction caused in this era, houses had become rubble. Roads and water systems had been destroyed. Schools, libraries and hospitals there had been none in the affected zones.

In addition, the Easter Sunday Attacks written in blood can be said to be the symbol of dehumanisation. This catastrophic attack proves our ignorance and, as pointed out by many, is not the first terror attack we faced. Again the questions arise as to whether we have learnt something from our mistakes. However, in the end, lives of more than 300 innocent people had been snuffed out by the extremists.

On the other hand, pointing the finger at someone is futile. Obviously regarding these disasters, we should point our finger at ourselves. Had we kept an eye on the suspects with backpacks we would have been able to prevent these attacks. Because this is not the first time we have faced suicide bombers.

Winding back the clock to many years ago, all the Sri Lankans, as if born in the same mother’ s womb lived a peaceful life with all. Indeed, It was an epoch of reconciliation. Sadly, at present the term ‘Reconciliation’ has been confined only to speeches.

A face mask or a ventilator

What is observable is the fact that there is an unwillingness to wear masks in our country. Perhaps, it is because of the fact that many may think that living on a ventilator is easier than wearing a mask. What is hilarious is the fact that not all but only a few can be seen wearing masks only in the presence of the police officers. True, there is no remedy for idiocy. However, had this trend continued further, the eradication of Covid- 19 would have been impossible.

Obviously, health care officers said to be the ‘Living Gods On The Earth ‘fight tooth and nail to beat Covid -19 , scientists in all the countries around the world are racing to invent a new medicine to heal the world but sadly ordinary people act like school going little children without giving much thought to the advice. For example, it was reported that despite travel restrictions many had been caught travelling en-masse to various places and not wearing face masks.

What has to be drilled into their minds is the fact that restoring the former glory of our country is impossible as long as we do not follow the health guidelines. No doubt, that we can learn lessons from our neighbouring country India. According to reliable sources, millions of people have been infected. More than 300, 000 people had been reported dead.

It is true that none of us want our country Sri Lanka to be like India. Sadly, our carelessness leads the whole nation towards a pitfall. Not that we are expected to do research or experiments to invent a vaccine. All we have to do is follow the health guidelines and avoidi travel. All in all, it has to be mentioned that our future depends on our behaviour. We can reap what we sow.