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‘Go Green’ campaign

Actress Michelle collaborates with Korean Embassy

11 July, 2021

It is not absolutely strange to declare that a green revolution is a terribly felt requirement that should take place across the Globe right at this moment itself. It is also clear that those who need to make a change in the world should often initiate the change within themselves. The more you change more you are able to inspire the people around you as well to do the same.

It is popularly said that “Don’t be mean, go green! Let’s bring together green revolution”. If you are keen on getting yourself adjusted to a green lifestyle, you simultaneously contribute towards the conservation of resources and you deny the process of polluting where you go green while keeping the environment clean. Your green lifestyle is not only good for the planet earth; it is also good of your savings.

Korean Embassy going green

The reduction of the carbon footprint today will create the reduction of the environmental pollution which can facilitate a better path for the enhancement of a better living standard that is eventually able to contribute to a sustainable world. However, the contribution currently done by the world towards the path of a sustainable world is not considerable. Elon Musk, an aerospace manufacturer and the founder of the SpaceX, once declared “We’re running the most dangerous experiment in history right now, which is to see how much carbon dioxide the atmosphere... can handle before there is an environmental catastrophe”.

Bringing strong virtue longevity to our planet Earth which is popularly known as sustainability is meant by going green. In that light, the Korean Embassy in Colombo officially inaugurated a campaign which is introduced as ‘Go Green Embassy’ on July 1, 2021, with the patronage of Santhush Woonjin JEONG, the Ambassador of the Korean Republic.

The campaign was attended by award winning actress Michelle Dilhara, the Earth Day Network Ambassador. The event was decorated with the planting of a ‘Na’ tree (‘Mesua ferrea’)- the national tree of Sri Lanka which is eco-friendly that epitomised the Korean - Sri Lankan friendship spanning into 44 years. The Korean Embassy through this project is expected to contribute towards the reduction of the emission of greenhouse gases, while controlling energy and the consumption of water are also the targets that are expected to reach.

Encouraging and facilitating sustainable mobility, protection of the environment and bio diversity are also some of the significant areas where the Embassy is highly concerned. Reducing and recycling waste is also one of the central areas where the Embassy has its true concern on.

As a whole, raising awareness on the sustainable development in and around the Embassy premises is treated as a significant element taken into account by the Embassy. At the launch of the project the Embassy draws the public attention on a vast of key areas where all the countries in the world are equally required to take into serious consideration; particularly the alarming rise in the global atmospheric temperature.

A report released by NASA declares that as compared with the last 140 years, a period of five years from 2015 – 2020 have been recorded as the warmest years.

Commercialisation and destruction of environment

The sincere efforts taken by the Korean Ambassador Santhush Woonjin JEONG, to enhance the cordial and friendly Korea - Sri Lanka ties have been highly remarkable and they deserve a genuine accolade. The well acclimated Ambassador was also the distinguished guest of honour at the 25th Sumathi Award Ceremony, a Sri Lankan popular award ceremony for Film and Television.

The public is of the belief that the manufacturing process is held responsible for the environmental degradation. But on the other hand, they do not realise in the fact that almost everything that is grown or manufactured for commercial purposes contribute towards the environmental degradation. Some may have the potential of having an immediate impact while the consequences of others could be relatively low; but still having the potential of bringing out exceedingly hazardous consequences.

Due to constant awareness campaigns, since of late the people in many countries have shown a considerable concern on the right products bought at the market where the demand for green products has considerably increased. Moreover, the repeated awareness and motivation campaigns conducted for the people have continued to drive the changes in the marketplace particularly by means of the introduction of more energy-saving and eco-friendly products.

Korea’s good examples

It is crystal clear that Korea as a country has already given a considerable and admirable contribution for the purpose of promoting green growth and climate action. As declared by the Korean Ambassador the Republic of Korea is pledged and devoted in reconciling developing countries and advanced nations towards the path of a greener global economy.

The Ambassador said “Korea was able to implement policies for a successful country-wide reforestation program and is committed to fostering green growth alliances with countries worldwide”. Gathering 67 world leaders and heads of international organisations the P4G summit in Seoul held recently uniting for bold climate action to meet international commitments.

The Ambassador further said “The P4G summit recently held in Seoul successfully is a testament to the unwavering dedication Korea has in accelerating partnerships with countries to offer innovative sustainability solutions. I was eagerly looking forward to this event as it will pass a good message to the community and also bring our countries closer. This initiative is in line with the policy of the Korean Government and its sustainable development goals”.

Michelle Dilhara collaborated with the Korean Embassy held in Colombo in launching the ‘Go Green Embassy’ campaign. Speaking to Sunday Observer, Michelle acknowledged her sincere in debt to H. E Santhush Woonjin JEONG on his genuine contribution on this crucial initiative. She also made a mention with a sense of gratitude on Ms. Kathleen Rogers, the President of Earth Day Network for her overwhelming support given to ‘Go Green’ initiatives. Michelle cherishes Rogers’s congratulatory message extended for the ‘Go Green Embassy’ project at the Korean Embassy.

She further noted “Ambassador Santhush Woonjin is an influential personality who projects the Korean green diplomacies to Sri Lanka through his implementations and actions for a positive social change with regard to the P4G Summit, which in turn shows us how much Korea loves nature. As a green Embassy the Ambassador dedicated in his campaigns in fighting against climate change and global warming because cities are the major contributors to climate change and global warming”.