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Sumathi Information Technologies introduces industrial drones

18 July, 2021

Sumathi Information Technologies (SiT) has ventured to provide drone technology for industries and agriculture  in Sri Lanka.  

 Executive Director of Sumathi Information Technologies, Chadu Sumathipala said, “Times have changed drastically over the past decade and we need to look at embracing new technologies to strategically drive our industries to achieve maximum output. The use of drone technology will help to increase productivity and use resources in an effective manner to yield higher profits.”

 As the authorised agent for DJI and Pix4D in Sri Lanka for enterprise and agriculture drones, SiT offers a range of services and after sales support.  The SiT team works meticulously striving to create applications that meet the overall strategy of their clients,  he said. The use of drone technology in the agriculture sector will vastly benefit the industry by enabling treatment from above for crops as high as 30 meters or even for infant and maturing crops at ground level.

The footage will provide quality zone maps for future reference and crop planning. Remote monitoring of crops and livestock plus targeted nutrient or pesticide applications with the generation of variable rate prescriptions will help to decrease inputs and maximise profits.